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Self-aligning taps and dies revolutionize threading tools


December 7, 2009
By PEM Magazine

MISSISSAUGA, ON — Irwin Hanson, a leading global manufacturer of High Carbon Steel threading tools, introduces the Performance Threading System, a simple-to-use system of self-aligning taps and dies, drive tools, and adjustable tap sockets.

In the past, just placing a tap in a hole to be threaded was incredibly frustrating – it was difficult to get the tap aligned properly before getting started. With this new system, the user simply places the tap in the hole and it aligns itself. Every tap features Irwin’s patented Chip Breaking Technology (CBT), ensuring improved durability, and cleaner cuts when threading.

Irwin Hanson is also introducing self-aligning dies. Previous dies were next to impossible to align on the first try. The addition of an alignment plate on the self-aligning dies takes all of the frustration and guesswork out of threading a rod or stud. Just place the die on the stud, and it easily aligns itself – every single time.  The result is better quality threads, faster.

To thread with taps and dies, drive tools are needed. The new Irwin Performance Threading System Drive Tools include a simple-to-use die stock and two adjustable tap sockets. Again, previous drive tools required a lot of steps, time, and frustration, which often resulted in less-than-perfect alignment and poor thread quality. With Irwin’s latest die stock, there’s no longer a need for set-screws, mini screwdrivers, or multiple steps. The user simply drops the die onto the die stock, twists the patented Die Lock Ring, and starts threading. It’s that simple.


When working in a tight or hard-to-reach spot, The Performance Threading System Adjustable Tap Socket comes in handy. It fits any 3/8” socket wrench or socket extension, and has a versatile base that works with the die stock or the included t-handle.

Storage cases have also been redesigned to help tool users.  They’re available in modular sets of SAE or Metric taps and dies and drive tools, so users can choose only what they need, rather than having to purchase expensive sets that include tools they’ll never use. Each set has the tap and die sizes clearly imprinted right into the case, for easier replacement and storage – there’s never a doubt where a particular tap or die belongs. The sets have clear lids, so what’s inside can be easily seen, or the lids can detach, for those who prefer quicker access. And perhaps best of all, each set is only 1-1/2” thick, so they easily fit into the smallest drawer in a toolbox.

“The launch of our new Performance Threading System was driven by extensive research into user preferences,” says Ron Wenzel, Group Product Manager for Irwin Hanson. “We’ve literally talked to hundreds of users, and have heard consistent feedback about what’s important to them in threading tools. They continually express frustration with how difficult it is to properly align taps and dies with the work piece they need to thread. Thread quality, durability, and ease of use are, by far, the most essential features they look for.”