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Kimberly-Clark Professional launches comprehensive line of hearing protection products


December 6, 2009
By PEM Magazine

ROSWELL, GA — Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a new line of hearing protection products that combine superior comfort features with high-quality protection to help drive compliance.

"These new products have been engineered to protect workers from hearing damage and loss, injuries that are completely preventable when proper measures are implemented, but permanent once they occur," said Tami Wenzel, a category manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional. "Comfort is crucial to driving compliance and creating comfortable options was a key objective during product design and development. According to the National Hearing Conservation Association, the most important factor in hearing protector selection is finding a comfortable device that an employee will wear correctly 100 percent of the time that he or she is exposed to harmful noise."

The new KleenGuard brand Hearing Protection line offers a range of products that include:

  • The highly innovative H50. Multiple-use ear clips feature a lightweight ear clip chassis and removable foam ear pads that fit comfortably and block unwanted workplace noise without intruding into the sensitive ear canal. The ear clips stay securely in place without relying on high-pressure bands or pressure inside the ear canal. Each pair of KleenGuard H50 ear clips come in a specially designed case for hygienic storage. (NRR 20; Class B(L).)
  • The H30 Multiple-use ComfortFlex earplugs offer a specially designed inner stem that "flexes" and conforms to the natural curves and shape of the ear canal for a custom fit.  An ultra-soft exterior foam works with the inner stem to provide superior comfort throughout the workday, while an ergonomic handle makes product use easier and more hygienic. (NRR 25; Class A(L).)
  • The H20 Reusable earplugs feature a unique ridged stem for easy insertion and removal from the ear canal. The product’s three soft flanges collapse to conform to the ear canal for an appropriate fit. The H20 is washable and wipeable for continuous use. (NRR 26; Class A(L).)
  • The "bullet-shaped" H10 Disposable earplugs are made of soft foam and can be rolled down prior to insertion into the ear canal. The product’s ultra-smooth exterior provides added comfort within the ear canal. (NRR 31, Class A(L).)

All of the new hearing protection products are distinctively colored for easy compliance monitoring. They are available with or without cords and come individually packaged.  


As with other Kimberly-Clark Professional safety products, the hearing protection products feature an alpha-numeric naming system designed to simplify and streamline the product selection process. These new hearing protection products support Kimberly-Clark Professional’s integrated head-to-toe approach to personal protective equipment design and the company’s commitment to providing high-quality safety solutions that work well together.

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