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Versatile shop floor CMM


November 20, 2009
By PEM Magazine

North Kingstown, RI — Brown & Sharpe, a brand of Hexagon Metrology, Inc., announced recently the debut of the ONE Shop Floor CMM outfitted with the ScanShark 4Vix laser line scanning probe. The ONE from Brown & Sharpe is a versatile shop floor CMM that can be equipped with touch-trigger continuous contact scanning, and now with non-contact laser scanning sensors, all powered by the de-facto industry standard PC-DMIS metrology software.

The ScanShark V4ix laser line scanning probe enables rapid dimensional data collection — up to 23,000 points per second — and is used to quickly acquire precise dimensional data from all kinds of surfaces, especially complex freeform, flexible, fragile, or soft-bodied parts. Class-leading dynamic range and advanced filtering technology make the ScanShark sensors impervious to ambient shop floor lighting conditions.

The ScanShark V4ix is also compatible with the portable ROMER INFINITE 2.0 7-axis arm and is plug-and-play swappable between both systems. The key to the compatibility is the TESA kinematic joint that is shared between all ROMER scanning arms and TESASTAR-m motorized head equipped CMMs. Companies can invest in a single scanner that can be leveraged to the strengths of two different types of measuring platforms.

Hexagon Metrology also debuts the “Shop Floor Zone” concept, which highlights complementary measurement technologies that are specifically designed for shop floor applications, such as the ONE and INFINITE with ScanShark.


For video mini demos and information on products suitable for the shop floor zone visit the new microsite: