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Adjustable racking


October 28, 2009
By PEM Magazine

Allentown, PA — Stanley Vidmar, a manufacturer of custom storage solutions, recently unveiled its enhanced STAK product line that combines the flexibility of an adjustable rack system with a built-in picker. Two of the key benefits of the new STAK product line include the ability to build taller systems and accommodate heavier loads.

"The new STAK is adjustable racking on steroids," says Jill Wheeler, Stanley Vidmar’s vice president of sales and marketing. "Our new STAK product line offers more flexibility in terms of vertical storage, load capacity, and saving space and ultimately saving money. STAK is a viable storage solution for virtually any industry."

New product names and features of each product in the STAK family include:

STAK — Vidmar’s base model of adjustable racking; comprised of a system of removable, adjustable pallets and a captive lifting and handling device that facilitates storage and retrieval in as little as 2-1/2 minutes. One operator can efficiently manage loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs. in less than 250 square feet.


STAK Max — All the features and benefits of STAK taken to the next level. Able to build up to 24 feet high. Each pallet can accommodate loads up to 2,500 lbs. Six additional pallet widths available (19 sizes total), providing greater flexibility, reducing total system cost, and offering a hoist upgrade to double the standard operating speed of the system.

STAK Max 5000 — Top-of-the-line system combining all the features and benefits of STAK Max but with even greater load capacities. Pallet load capacity up to 5,000 lbs. each, with vertical height up to 24 feet. Six additional pallet widths available, providing greater flexibility and reducing total system cost.

Stanley Vidmar offers total storage solutions for a range of industries from the military and automotive to manufacturing and government. Other products include high-density modular storage cabinets, weapons cradles, specialty lockers, toolboxes, container storage, vertical lift systems, workstations and benching, Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD)-protective products, and more.