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Revolution HVLS fans


October 20, 2009
By PEM Magazine
High-Volume/Low-Speed fans meet the tough challenges of large building environments. Revolution HVLS fans circulate huge quantities of air at just the right speed to produce uniform, non-disruptive airflow.
These fans cost pennies an hour to operate and deliver energy cost savings of up to 30 percent.
Offering better circulation and ventilation, it continuously circulates air within a facility, helping keep floors and products drier where needed Optimized airflow creates a stronger, more uniform air velocity, with no dead air “holes” under the centre of the fan.
Unique Propell-Aire™ blade design
    * Made of strong, durable, lightweight aluminum
    * Varies in width along entire length of blade
    * Ideal contour and twist for maximum air movement
    * Complex jig-formed shape is not possible with extruded blades
Upward blade tilt
    * Extends reach of air movement up to 85 feet from the center of the fan in all directions
    * Directs air outward from fan’s center in a conical shape
Resilient blade/hub connection
    * Vibration-absorbing material reduces stress to the hub by 50 to 75%
    * Rotationally balanced blade/hub
    * Used for over 40 years in the most demanding applications worldwide
    * Designed for over 10 times the force and stress the Revolution Fan generates
Robust mounting system
    * Stabilizing cables, beam clamp and motor housing
    * Extruded, precision-milled aluminum hub
    * Three-way motor-to-hub safety connection


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