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Cost effective alternative to expensive diaphragm seals


October 20, 2009
By PEM Magazine

Winters D10 Series diaphragm seals are cost effective alternatives to more expensive stainless steel or carbon steel diaphragm seals. When a customer has a lower pressure application (from vacuum up to and including 200 psi), the D10 Series may be an excellent choice.

With a body made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and a diaphragm made from Teflon, the D10 Series is compatible with many different types of process media. In some cases, such as in chlorine/water media, the Teflon diaphragm of Winters’ D10 Series is even superior to 316 SS, which can corrode from exposure to chlorine. The D10 diaphragm seal has a gauge connection of 1/4” female NPT and a choice of 1/4” and 1/2” female NPT process connection.
A diaphragm seal is a device consisting of a diaphragm welded (or firmly clamped) between two suitable flanges and properly gasketed to prevent leakage of liquid or gas. The diaphragm is a dividing membrane or thin partition that acts as a barrier to a liquid or gas that may clog or corrode the sensing element of a pressure instrument.