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Niigon reduces energy consumption with new lubricant


October 9, 2009
By PEM Magazine
Shell Canada Products’ Lubricants business (Shell) has helped Niigon Technologies Ltd, a leading Canadian-based plastic injection moulding company, achieve energy savings (Kilowatt hours) in excess of 13 per cent on average in the hydraulic system of one of its Husky injection moulding machines using a new hydraulic oil, Shell Tellus EE.
With a view to helping Niigon reduce the energy consumption of their hydraulic systems, Shell recommended Niigon try its new energy saving hydraulic oil to help reduce the plant’s overall energy consumption. As such, Shell and Niigon introduced Shell Tellus EE into a Husky H160 injection moulding machine.
To begin the trial, the injection moulding machine, which produces several hundred million identical parts per year, was installed with a power meter to monitor the current power consumption of the machine against parts produced. Following this, the existing mineral based hydraulic oil was drained from the system and replaced with the new Shell Tellus EE hydraulic fluid.
Roy Hoppe, Field Technical Advisor, Shell Canada Products, commented, “before beginning the trial it was important to make an accurate assessment of the current power consumption of the injection moulding machine. To help achieve this, we worked with the machine’s manufacturer, Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., to install a power meter. In addition, in order to carry out the trial using typical operating procedures in a plant environment, we drained the previous oil and replaced it with Shell Tellus EE, without flushing the system.”
Two weeks later, the system was again drained and filled with fresh Shell Tellus EE, to examine the energy consumption of the Husky injection moulding machine with a higher percentage of Shell Tellus EE in the system. Phase two of the trial ran for the next two weeks, with all other variables in the test remaining constant to validate the results. Following the trial, the results were analyzed and revealed the Shell Tellus EE significantly helped reduce the energy consumption of the injection moulding machine. The final data was correlated and highlighted that Shell Tellus EE had helped reduce the energy consumption (in Kilowatt hours) of the injection moulding machine hydraulic system by 13.9 per cent on average.
Ed Brown, Engineering Manager at Niigon commented, “this study showed that Shell Tellus EE can help us meet our mandate of reducing our impact on the environment and has the added benefit of potentially reducing our operating costs.”
Shell is the world’s leading lubricants marketer and is investing heavily in research and development of innovative technology with the goal of delivering value to customers through superior protection and efficiency. Shell Tellus EE is one example of this and has delivered tangible value to end-users. Shell Tellus EE is approved or meets the requirements of leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment such as Cincinnati Machine, Parker Dennison, Eaton Vickers and Bosch-Rexroth.
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