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Walter Surface Technologies preps new $20 million headquarters

Montreal, QC -- Walter Surface Technologies has unveiled plans for its new world headquarters facility being c...


July 31, 2009
By MRO Magazine

Montreal, QC — Walter Surface Technologies has unveiled plans for its new world headquarters facility being constructed in Point-Claire, QC.


With sales in excess of $100 million, the company markets its products and processes across Canada, the US, Latin America and Europe. Its products include the environmentally friendly Bio-Circle process, which replaces toxic solvents for cleaning dirty, greasy tools and parts by changing unhealthy contaminants into plain water. The process was developed in Canada, says Tim Houghton, the company’s new president and chief operating officer.



Houghton, who had been leading the company’s US operations, has moved to Montreal after being promoted to president and COO for all divisions.


“While others are cutting back, Walter is spending some $20 million on new structures and technologies to better serve clients,” he says. “Virtually every new system being installed is there because of identified client need.”


More than 50 years after it was founded, Walter is centralizing global management, biochemical and other research, distance-learning, storage and shipping, and other developing technologies into the new facility. The new structure will be bigger than two football fields, says Houghton.


“The overall design incorporates sustainable development features that also reflect the planner’s deep involvement with LEED guidelines. It began with the drilling of some 40 holes, each 500 ft deep, to accommodate the transfer piping that is key to a geothermal system for boosting energy efficiency,” he added.


Houghton says every feature must be critically tested before it is built. “The huge warehouse must be capable of receiving, and later, shipping out goods in packages of all sizes.


“Thanks to computerization, battery-driven forklifts can scuttle back and forth in response to hand-held devices to store or retrieve items whose whereabouts are known only to the computer.”


A theatre and other facilities for demonstrations, and local and distance learning, also are planned for the site, as is a Heritage Hall for memorabilia.


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