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New ‘CSA Standards’ identity unveiled

Toronto, ON -- Canadian Standards Association (CSA), a developer of standards and codes, has introduced its new 'CS...


July 24, 2009
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Canadian Standards Association (CSA), a developer of standards and codes, has introduced its new ‘CSA Standards’ corporate identity that includes a new, modern corporate logo and a refreshed website that has been redesigned to be more dynamic and easier to navigate.


The freeform shape of the new logo is inspired by the stylized letters C, S and A, and is a fresh and modern reflection of the leading standards developer, the association states. The new corporate logo has a core that is fluid and dynamic, bounded by a square with dual cornered edges signifying strength, spirit and ingenuity. Blue is used to signify CSA’s legacy and green is intended to symbolize humanity and sustainability. The new logo reflects the organization’s overall vision of a better, safer more sustainable world where standards work for people and business.



“Our new logo visually represents the evolution that is taking place within CSA Standards as we continue to transition from a traditional standards developer to an energetic standards-based solutions provider for North America and the global marketplace,” says Suzanne Kiraly, president, CSA Standards.


“We have created a new identity that embraces our core values of being caring, respectful, credible, professional and trustworthy. It is truly indicative of our heritage and of an organization that is expanding to build its future; a future that values being forward thinking, innovative, fast and thorough, dynamic and proactive.”


The CSA Standards portfolio includes interactive eLearning tools that support Climate Change and Emergency Management, and applications that include providing standards that are readable on a Blackberry or iPhone. CSA Standards is especially focused on providing solutions that address climate change, infrastructure, and emergency management, and that can be harmonized and adopted internationally to the benefit of the global community.


CSA Standards was chosen to reflect that Canadian Standards Association is commonly accepted by many stakeholders, the media and the public as simply “CSA”. Adding the word “Standards” to the new corporate identity reinforces the organization’s role as a standards-based solutions provider. Effective immediately, CSA America Inc., will also adopt the new CSA Standards corporate identity so that all standards development offices operated by CSA Standards are unified under a single brand that is easily identifiable by stakeholders, the public and media anywhere in the world.


The familiar CSA mark that appears on billions of products worldwide will not change. The new corporate identity for CSA Standards is not applicable to CSA Group or its other divisions; CSA International, and OnSpeX. CSA Group and its other divisions will undergo a similar corporate brand recognition and corporate identity review in the coming months.