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Renold Canada restructures to better serve customers

Brantford, ON -- As it enters its 90th year of business in Canada, Renold Canada, a supplier of chain and power tra...

Brantford, ON — As it enters its 90th year of business in Canada, Renold Canada, a supplier of chain and power transmission products, has announced a “restructure” that will enhance its service to customers across the country.


According to Rick Hamilton, president, the major components of the restructure will include:



1) The addition of Advantage Sales Network Corporation, Brampton, ON, to complement existing sales efforts on chain, coupling, sprag clutch and spindle products across Canada;


2) Consolidation of Renold Canada’s customer service group and warehouse into the existing Montreal, QC, location; and


3) Adding two additional warehouse operations at Advantage Sales’ locations in Brampton, ON, and Edmonton, AB.


“This restructure is all about serving our customers better,” said Hamilton. “This not only improves our sales coverage across Canada, but it also puts products closer to the market by utilizing the warehouse locations of Advantage Sales Network Corporation. This will really make an impact on our customer’s business and allow us to penetrate new markets and industries.”


According to Patrick Gregoire, national sales manager for Renold Canada, the addition of Advantage Sales will improve customer interaction. “Advantage brings us an exceptionally well-qualified and professional sales organization. They know our products well and understand the needs of industrial customers across Canada.”


The structural changes at Renold Canada coincide with the renewed focus on providing solutions to customers. “In a difficult economy, our customers demand value,” said Hamilton. “That is why we have increased our focus on our solutions products, including Synergy chain, which offers optimal wear life, Syno, which is a chain that does not require lubrication, and Hydro-Service, which is a corrosion-resistant product suitable for washdown applications. We have a product range that can’t be duplicated by anyone in the industry.”


“With a combination of world-class products, excellent inventory, and outstanding service, we hope to raise the expectations of Canadian customers,” added Hamilton. “They should expect more, and with our new structure, we can deliver.”