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Multi-language courses make learning about fluid power components easier

Eden Prairie, MN -- Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp. is making understanding fluid power components ...


April 17, 2009
By MRO Magazine

Eden Prairie, MN — Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp. is making understanding fluid power components and hydraulic systems easier with the addition of multi-lingual fluid conveyance products courses and electrohydraulic training aids at its Hydraulics Training Services in Maumee, OH.


Both of Eaton’s popular 200-level courses — the Aeroquip Fluid Conveying Products School and the Weatherhead Fluid Conveying Products School — will be available in French, Spanish and English.



“By taking classes in a student’s native language, participants will be able to better understand fluid power components and their application in hydraulic systems,” said Tom Blansett, manager, Eaton’s Training Services.


Eaton continues to emphasize electrohydraulics through class laboratory work with its new Programmable Motion-Control Training (PMCT) System and redesigned Portable Electrohydraulic Training Simulator (PETS). The PMCT electronic controls trainer facilitates legacy-style electrohydraulic training, as well as programmable control of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Eaton’s new EFX controller and a PID proportional amplifier card are housed in the unit, along with all necessary support electronics to control and monitor system operation. When coupled to a computer, the programmable controller is easily configured through Eaton’s CONTROL F(x) software.


“Since the EFX controller can be programmed in five widely used languages, the open-architecture platform gives us a great deal of flexibility in teaching control systems,” Blansett said. “We are able to demonstrate how programs can be checked for operational correctness prior to running on a machine application.”


Eaton instructors use the patented PETS simulator to teach proper wiring, adjustment and troubleshooting procedures for any DIN-standard Eurocard amplifier. Because PETS is a highly effective electrohydraulics teaching aid, Eaton is making the low-cost, lightweight unit available to distributors and educators to support in-house training on electrohydraulic systems.


For information on French or Spanish course offerings or on PETS, contact Eaton Training Services at 1-(800) 413-8809.