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New energy-efficient bearing lines launched

New spherical and cylindrical roller bearings have been developed that meet the stringent SKF energy-efficient perf...


March 16, 2009
By MRO Magazine

New spherical and cylindrical roller bearings have been developed that meet the stringent SKF energy-efficient performance class criteria, says Tom Johnstone, SKF Group CEO and president. “Extensive testing results verify significant friction reduction compared to SKF standard bearings,” he reports.


SKF energy-efficient spherical roller bearings exhibit at least 30% less friction and corresponding reduced energy consumption, considerably lower bearing temperature, extended grease life and extended relubrication intervals, according to the company. Five sizes of open bearings are the first to be introduced for industrial ventilation fan applications as part of the total SKF energy-efficient solution for fans. Additional sizes will be offered based on customer demand.



The first SKF energy efficient cylindrical roller bearings to be introduced are of the NJ series, which are designed to handle axial loads in one direction. Compared to the current SKF standard NJ series bearing, the new SKF energy-efficient cylindrical roller bearings exhibit a friction reduction of at least 30% in axial loaded applications and have a higher dynamic load rating. These new ultra-low friction bearings are intended for a wide range of applications, initially for industrial and wind energy transmissions.


The SKF energy-efficient spherical and cylindrical roller bearings are the latest in the company’s energy-efficient performance class of rolling bearings. Manufacturing will be initiated during the second quarter 2009.


In 2008, in connection with the 100-year anniversary of SKF, the company introduced the energy-efficient single row deep groove ball bearing and the energy-efficient tapered roller bearing. The ranges in these two bearing types continue to expand as customer demand is increasing.


“We will continue to develop our energy efficient range of bearings as it is fundamental to our commitment to develop integrated energy efficient solutions based on our engineering knowledge in our five platforms,” Johnstone notes.


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