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Reliability Maintenance Institute releases course schedule for 2009

Toronto, ON -- To meet challenging business targets, a key focus area is to manage the total cost of ownership by i...

Toronto, ON — To meet challenging business targets, a key focus area is to manage the total cost of ownership by increasing machine reliability and uptime. To leverage your invested capital in machinery and equipment it is essential to continuously develop your people as you increase efficiency and productivity.


With over 100 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge of machine reliability, decades of consultancy expertise in process industries and leadership in condition monitoring, SKF provides an array of competence development activities in a unique learning environment for plant management, engineering staff, maintenance personnel and operators.



SKF has more than 250 trainers at more than 70 locations worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of courses designed to help plants eliminate machinery problems and achieve maximum reliability and productivity.


North America course schedule


The 2009 SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute (RMI) course schedule combines all public courses scheduled throughout Canada and the United States. All courses and programs offered are consistent at all locations and by all instructors. The expanded course schedule provides you with more options of locations and dates for the course you need.


The Canadian courses begin April 14 and run through to Dec. 4, 2009.


The course portfolio is designed around the SKF Asset Efficiency Optimization workflow process and has been created to allow participants to gain the knowledge and expertise in a structured development path. It uses an array of technologies — such as on-line, classroom and coaching — to reach the learning objectives.


While specific course topics vary widely, RMI training courses are organized to match the following five facets of the SKF Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO) workflow process:


Maintenance strategy (MS): Relates to methods and technologies used to develop a maintenance strategy. Courses emphasize a technically and financially sound maintenance strategy developed to match business goals.


Work identification (WI): Relates to methods and technologies used to identify maintenance work. Course topics include preventive maintenance, predictive technologies, information integration and decision support systems, and work order request generation.


Work control (WC): Relates to methods and technologies used to control maintenance work. Course topics include maintenance planning and scheduling, standard job plans, spare parts alignment, and supply and logistics.


Work execution (WE): Relates to methods and technologies used to complete maintenance tasks. Course topics include precision maintenance, best practices in lubrication, installation, precision alignment, balancing, and post- maintenance testing.

Living program: Relates to methods and technologies used to evaluate maintenance work and strategy, thereby “closing the loop” and making maintenance a continual improvement process. Course topics include root cause analysis, reliability analysis, maintenance work close-out, machine redesign, and technology upgrades.


RMI Course Schedule for Canada:

Bearing Maintenance and Technology                 WE201

April 14-16                                        Toronto, ON

June 2-4                                    Vancouver, BC

Nov. 17-19                         Montréal (French), PQ

Nov. 17-19                                          Toronto, ON

Individual: $1,095

Lubrication of Rolling Element Bearings              WE203

May 4-6                          Montréal (French), PQ

Sept. 22-24                                         Toronto, ON

Individual: $1,095

Root Cause Bearing Damage Analysis                  WE204

April 29 – May 1                               Toronto, ON

May 6-8                       Vancouver, BC

Nov. 4-6            Montréal (French), PQ

Dec. 2-4                              Toronto, ON

Individual: $1,095

Root Cause Analysis                                                 LP200

April 27-28                            Toronto, ON

May 4-5                          Vancouver, BC

Nov. 2-3                        Montréal (French), PQ
Nov. 30-Dec. 1                                                    Toronto, ON

Individual: $795*.   (*Combined with LP200 with WE204 price is $1,595 for both)


How to register

Contact the Reliability Maintenance Institute at SKF Canada : tel. 416-299-2877, e-mail, or visit