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STLE ’09 features 30 papers on lubrication fundamentals

Lake Buena Vista, FL -- Interested in lubrication fundamentals? Trying to prepare for any of STLE's four certificat...


February 16, 2009
By MRO Magazine

Lake Buena Vista, FL — Interested in lubrication fundamentals? Trying to prepare for any of STLE’s four certification examinations? STLE’s 64th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 17-21, 2009, at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL, can help.


First, 30 technical papers on the subject of lubrication fundamentals will be presented at the event. The various technical presentations and papers explore our understanding of the basic principles behind lubrication theory.



Some of the topics on the technical-paper agenda are:


– Methodologies for studying tribological systems


– The influence of viscosity modifiers on hydrodynamic lubrication


– How additive chemistries work


– Studies in boundary lubrication and boundary films


– The role of soot and carbon black in wear of ferrous surfaces or in nanotribology


– Properties of in-situ tribo films


– Carbon ‘nano-onions’ in lubricants.


Second, STLE’s Basic Lubrication course is being offered as two one-day classes focusing on fundamentals of lubrication and fundamentals of equipment lubrication: Basic Lubrication 101 is an introduction to lubricants, lubrication principles, base oils, additives, and compounded fluids. Basic Lubrication 102 is an overview of equipment systems (gears, bearings, pumps, compressors, etc.) and their lubrication requirements.


These courses also are excellent reviews on lubricant fundamentals for those preparing for STLE’s various certification examinations. In addition to fundamentals, the courses cover all basic hardware systems, such as hydraulics, seals, bearings and gears. Further, technologies related to testing and test methods, metalworking fluids, greases, synthetic fluids, base oils and additives are covered.


Third, presenters at the meeting’s Commercial Marketing Forums showcase their companies’ latest products and services with brief technical presentations to explain their relevance and properties for the marketplace.


Finally, a 70-exhibitor trade show will feature suppliers of the newest lubricant products, lubricant additives, lubrication equipment.


Those who register by the April 20 Early Bird deadline will save $75 on the meeting fee. Program information and registration details can be found at