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Mining industry white paper published by power transmission supplier

Braintree, MA -- Altra Industrial Motion has published a white paper entitled Key applications for Altra Industrial...


February 10, 2009
By MRO Magazine


Braintree, MA — Altra Industrial Motion has published a white paper entitled Key applications for Altra Industrial Motion brands within global mining, which outlines the firm’s technology solutions for mining both coal and industrial metals.


The paper offers analysis of the global mining market, and cites industry trends and projections on production capacity and investment. In one reference, the paper notes that coal consumption is expected to increase by 74% from 2004 to 2030. The explosive growth of China, in particular, is driving both demand and production bottlenecks, resulting in worldwide shifts in market dynamics, the paper indicates.



“The multiple companies of Altra operate as manufacturers of brakes, clutches, backstops, gear couplings and belted drive products for a wide range of key mining operations,” says David Brooksbank, Altra director of marketing.


The company’s technology portfolio for the mining industry covers virtually every application in both surface and underground mining. In open pit excavations, for example, the paper highlights the application of Industrial Clutch and Twiflex brakes and Ameridrives gear couplings for electric mining shovels and draglines. Conveyor systems rely on Marland Clutch, Formsprag Clutch and Twiflex brakes, backstops and clutches, Formsprag clutch couplings and Ameridrives gear couplings.


Crushing and screening operations employ TB Wood’s belted drives and sheaves, Wichita Clutch and Twiflex clutches and brakes. And mine hoists in underground mining depend on Twiflex caliper brakes for holding and emergency braking.


The Mining Industry White Paper can be downloaded by clicking on Case Studies from Altra’s market website, For printed copies, contact Laura Bawinkel at Altra Industrial Motion, 815-389-6336 or e-mail