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Ultrasound World V opens Sunday; focus is on predictive maintenance

Elmsford, NY -- UE Systems will host its fifth annual Ultrasound World conference, scheduled from Sunday, January 1...

Elmsford, NY — UE Systems will host its fifth annual Ultrasound World conference, scheduled from Sunday, January 18 through Wednesday, January 21, 2009, at the Clearwater Hilton Resort in Clearwater Beach, FL.


Ultrasound World offers a series of technical presentations and informative case studies presented by experienced ultrasound technology users. Packed with useful information for the benefit of maintenance and plant operations professionals, these presentations involve all aspects of predictive maintenance and energy conservation.



Topics will focus on inspection methods relating to such subjects as: compressed air leak management, steam trap audits, bearing and mechanical analysis and electrical emission analysis. In addition, experts will report on successful programs involving the integration of predictive technologies such as ultrasound, vibration, infrared, oil analysis and motor current analysis.


This year’s event will be the most informative to date realizing the significant importance of energy efficiency and increased profitability across all applications and industries. Gary Mohr, vice president of sales and operations for UE Systems stated, “No matter what your level of experience within plant operations, I am confident that attendees will walk away with essential information on how to improve downtime, increase asset availability and reduce costly waste while enhancing production and profitability.”


Recently added to this year’s line up is Chuck Peterson, who owns and operates Peterson Predictive Maintenance, Joel Leonard of Plant Services’, and the esteemed Dr. James Neale with the Energy Research Group at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. These presentations include:


Discussion: The Mean Time Between Failures: Chuck Peterson.

Peterson will discuss using Ultrasound on electric motor bearings to help find the route cause of a failure and on all other bearings to predict failure and insure proper lubrication.

Peterson has worked as an Arson Investigator, for a large gas company in Hutchinson, Kansas where he was in charge of keeping 93 pumps and motors running on a 24/7 basis. Peterson instituted several programs in the 6 years he was employed for the company that saved the company time and money. He now is self employed doing Infrared and Ultrasound technology.


Discussion: Fighting the Maintenance Crisis: Joel Leonard.

More and more companies are feeling the symptoms of the maintenance crisis. Deferred maintenance is reaching chronic levels as current equipment continues to age. Companies are struggling to find internal talent that has the skills and education to replace the retiring baby boomers. Joel will provide some proven solutions to this crisis and discuss innovative approaches to thrive in this adverse business environment.


Joel Leonard has been dubbed by many in industry as the “Maintenance Evangelist” for his passionate promotion of the Maintenance field. He is a contributing editor to Plant Services Magazine and has spoken to numerous government officials and industry leaders about the Maintenance Crisis. He also implemented over 1000 CMMS Packages and has set up training relationships with over 80 colleges and universities. He created the MPACT Skilled Maintenance/Facilities JobFair, placing over 1500 people in the Maintenance sector. In January of 2008 Joel launched, an internet based TV network dedicated to fight the Maintenance Crisis and expose opportunities and challenges in the maintenance sector.


Discussion: Managing Energy Systems to Improve Your Bottom Line and the Environment: Dr James Neale, Industrial Energy Efficiency Division, Energy Research Group, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

This workshop will provide real examples of not just how to implement energy efficient programs but also how to build the robust business case for them in today’s difficult economic times. Using real case studies,
as examples topics covered will include the impact on specific energy efficiency of plant reliability, process quality and process efficiency.


James is a Mechanical Engineer and CMRP with 13 years experience in a range of industrial applications form power electronics, food processing, and industrial energy efficiency and customized energy systems management solutions.


Other speakers in attendance at 2009’s Untrasound World V and the topics they’ll be discussing:


  • Paul Wright, Locating Tracking in a High Voltage Substation Using Ultrasound
  • Dannyy Blackford, Examining Route-based Leak Inspections of Air Operated RKL Bladder Valves and the Benefits of Those Inspections
  • Joe Gierlach, Something For Nothing Hits Pay Dirt!
  • William Triplett, Inspecting Aircraft Pneumatic Leakage
  • Wolever & Hopper, Generating Savings from an Ultrasound Inspection Program
  • Rickie Smith, Show Me The Reliability
  • Martin Robinson, The Standards of Electrical Safety & the Need for Safer Work Environments
  • Ernesto Gayle, Implementation of a Predictive Maintenance Program in the Port Sector and its Huge Profits
  • Terry Harris & Bruce Baughman, Building Ultimate Reliable Plant
  • Maureen Gribble, Certification and How it Gives You a Competitive Edge in the Industry 
  • Dean Stephens, UT is Complimentary. 

For further information about Ultrasound World V’s line-up of featured speakers or to register, visit UE Systems website at and follow the Ultrasound World V link for complete conference details, or call UE Systems at 914-592-1220 or e-mail