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Technological exhibition brings productivity solutions and systems on tour of Canada

Mississauga, ON -- Siemens Canada's global road show, Exiderdome, will arrive Aug. 25, 2008, in Toronto, for the ...

Mississauga, ON — Siemens Canada’s global road show, Exiderdome, will arrive Aug. 25, 2008, in Toronto, for the second stop of a five-city Canadian tour. Exiderdome is a two-storey exhibit constructed from 55 containers that transform into an exposition of technological innovation. Its first stop in Canada was the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary in June.

The Exiderdome allows visitors to experience Siemens’ expertise in various industries such as oil and gas, food and beverage, automotive, and building construction.

“We are committed to providing the answers to the toughest questions facing Canadian industries today, to help them master the challenges of tomorrow,” says Guenther Scholz, president and CEO, Siemens Canada.

Representing more than 130,000 products and combining 220 tons of steel and 20 kilometres of power cables assembled on two floors, the Exiderdome boasts eight showrooms, one multimedia theatre with a 34-metre wide display and meeting rooms.


Once assembled, the Exiderdome is entirely self-contained, including air conditioning, heating, wireless internet, power generation and a fully operating kitchen. Due to its flexibility and mobility, the exhibit can be easily transported by sea, air or road. It will arrive in Toronto on a 108-metre barge, sailing through the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. It will later travel to Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax. A Detroit stop in the U.S. will be accessible to those in the Windsor, ON, area.

“We are proud to bring solutions that will increase productivity to our customers at the Exiderdome in Calgary”, said Joris Myny, the incoming vice-president of Industry Automation and Drive Technologies, Siemens Canada.

The Exiderdome will appear in Toronto August 25-29, Montreal September 8-12, Quebec City September 23-24 and Halifax October 6-7. At each stop on the tour, visitors will have an opportunity to participate in seminars about different topics, including industrial communications, safety technologies and energy management.

The Canadian visit is part of a global tour that began in China in 2005, and travelled to South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia and Mexico.

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