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Ultrasound World conference to focus on energy conservation, predictive maintenance and integration of technologies

Elmsford, NY -- UE Systems will host its fifth annual Ultrasound World conference, scheduled from Sunday, January 1...


July 17, 2008
By MRO Magazine

Elmsford, NY — UE Systems will host its fifth annual Ultrasound World conference, scheduled from Sunday, January 18 through Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at the Clearwater Hilton Resort in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Ultrasound World offers a series of technical presentations and informative case studies presented by experienced ultrasound technology users. Packed with useful information for the benefit of maintenance and plant operations professionals, these presentations involve all aspects of predictive maintenance and energy conservation.

Topics will focus on inspection methods relating to such subjects as: compressed air leak management, steam trap audits, bearing and mechanical analysis and electrical emission analysis. In addition, experts will report on successful programs involving the integration of predictive technologies such as ultrasound, vibration, infrared, oil analysis and motor current analysis.

This year’s event will be the most informative to date realizing the significant importance of energy efficiency and increased profitability across all applications and industries. Gary Mohr, vice president of sales and operations for UE Systems stated, “No matter what your level of experience within plant operations, I am confident that attendees will walk away with essential information on how to improve downtime, increase asset availability and reduce costly waste while enhancing production and profitability.”


Last year’s keynote speaker, Tim Goshert, worldwide reliability & maintenance manager for Cargill Inc. added, “This is truly a conference plant maintenance professionals and technicians alike can’t afford to miss. The foundation for our success is to supply quality products and service on time, every time to our customers. Quality and timeliness is completely dependent on plant reliability. This conference provides essential tips and information on this valuable technology, which supports everything we do. We look forward to participating again this year.”

For further information about Ultrasound World V’s line-up of featured speakers or to register, visit UE Systems website at and follow the Ultrasound World V link for complete conference details.