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MRO Magazine receives two Top Five editorial awards

Toronto, ON -- Machinery & Equipment MRO has won two Top Five awards in a prestigious competition for Canadian busi...


June 9, 2008
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Machinery & Equipment MRO has won two Top Five awards in a prestigious competition for Canadian business journalism. Previously, the magazine has won six awards, including three Gold (first place) awards, in the Kenneth R. Wilson (KRW) Awards program.

The awards are presented annually by the Canadian Business Press. Business and trade magazines across the country submit their best work in several different categories. Hundreds of entries were received in this year’s competition.

The Top Five awards were presented in the 2008 competition to the magazine in the Best Industrial/Manufacturing Article category for two articles that appeared in 2007: Perfect ride and Survival of the fittest, both by contributing editor Carroll McCormick, who is based in Montreal.

The magazine was also honoured with a Finalist award for a third article by McCormick, Shaking out the Bad Pennies.


Survival of the Fittest, a case history of the Minas Basis Pulp & Power facility, tells the story of a mill operating in a challenging economic environment that uses preventive maintenance (PM) to cut costs by 35%. The story delves into the nitty-gritty of how this impressive result was achieved, so readers will be able to benefit from applying similar techniques and methods to their own operations. One interview subject surprisingly reveals how little he knew about PM when he began, and he guides readers through the process of achieving maintenance success.

Anyone speeding along in a roller coaster is likely oblivious to the fact that ordinary maintenance workers play a critical role in keeping riders safe and ensuring the reliability of the equipment. Perfect Ride examines strategic procedures followed “by the book” that reflect LaRonde’s intolerance for failure. As we know, a roller coaster gone bad can result in serious injuries and even death. Our correspondent puts himself in the passenger seat so he can better appreciate coaster maintenance and relate its details to our readers. It’s an opportunity many readers would envy, especially when they learn of the many tricks used to meet the high maintenance standards tricks that readers can apply in their own operations to improve success with critical-equipment reliability.

Shaking Out the Bad Pennies describes in detail the transition of maintenance operations at a brewery from time-consuming weekly equipment breakdowns to having the opportunity to work on new production projects instead of continually doing fixes and repairs. Readers learn of the patience required in using a computerized system to reduce equipment downtime. Details of the lengthy process are provided and readers are guided through the plant’s evolution so they can follow through with similar procedures in their own operations and achieve comparable success.

McCormick, who has previously received several nominations and two years ago won a Gold Award with Machinery & Equipment MRO in this competition, has written more than 60 case histories, profiles and feature articles for the magazine since 1998.

The awards were announced at a ceremony at the Old Mill in Toronto on June 4, 2008.

Our congratulations once again go to Carroll for helping make MRO Magazine one of Canada’s top trade magazines. All of the winning articles are archived online at (use the search box at the top of the home page and type in the title of the article).

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