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Employee performance improvement toolkit streamlines HR tasks

Chicago, L - Attracting and retaining your most valuable asset - your employees - leads to improvement in your c...

Chicago, L – Attracting and retaining your most valuable asset – your employees – leads to improvement in your company’s bottom-line performance and achievement of your business goals, according to the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA).

The key is to be able to efficiently and effectively manage your employees, unlocking each employee’s potential and increasing productivity. Now there is a resource that can help to simplify the tasks necessary to maximize employee performance.

The Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit, Second Edition, now available from the PTDA, is a comprehensive resource for recruiting, evaluating, training, orienting and motivating employees.

Five publications in one, the Tool Kit includes everything needed to implement an organized, practical process for improving performance, leading to commitment and achievement of a company’s goals.


Each publication covers a specific area of human resources and gives samples, templates, checklists and forms that can be customized to fit a company’s needs. The publication incudes the following sections:

Job Descriptions: Analyze jobs and develop clear job descriptions and requirements.
Performance Evaluations: Develop an evaluation structure that links to the job description and incorporates planning, appraisal, monitoring and formal evaluation.
How to Start a Training Program: Assess training needs, design and develop a training program, and measure and evaluate employee performance after training.
Recruitment and Retention Guide: Recruit and retain talented employees with sample checklists, forms and employment applications.
New Employee Orientation Program: Nurture the enthusiasm new employees bring to the job with a well-thought-out orientation.

The Tool Kit also includes a CD with Microsoft Word documents that can be edited and revised for a company’s own style or be used to check against existing documents for completeness.

Some examples of the documents included are:

Sample forms and templates: Employment application, job function statement, information release authorization
Checklists: New employee orientation checklist, recruitment checklist
Job descriptions: Inside sales/customer service rep, field/outside sales, warehouse manager.

The Employee Performance Improvement Tool Kit is available to PTDA members for US$169 ($229 to non-members). To view the table of contents, read an excerpt or order online, visit Or, contact PTDA at or 312-516-2100.