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Future changes in power transmission business examined

Chicago, IL -- The Power Transmission Distribution Association (PTDA) has approved a new strategic plan for the org...


November 12, 2007
By MRO Magazine

Chicago, IL — The Power Transmission Distribution Association (PTDA) has approved a new strategic plan for the organization. During the development of the plan, the association identified critical factors that will affect the power transmission/motion control industry over the next three to five years. While many assumptions about the future of the industry were reviewed, the issues listed below were considered to have the greatest impact in the near future:

– The business and economic environment will see increased demands from customers, resulting in the need for closer collaboration between manufacturers and distributors to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the channel. Because customers can and will source from anywhere in the world, the sources of supply and purchasing are now global. Power is and will continue to shift toward the customer.

– The employment environment continues to make it tough to attract and retain talented employees. Not only will there be fewer people to recruit, competition for the best employees means it will cost more to secure their services.

– The technological environment and growing use of the Internet will increase users demand for access to product information, inventory and pricing, requiring both distributors and manufacturers to invest in e-commerce to facilitate the sharing of information both downstream and upstream. ‘Value added’ pressure will continue as customers question their relationships with distributors due to the ready availability of information via the Internet.


– Changes in the structure of distribution will force the growth of demand-driven supply channels, requiring distributors to share point-of-sale and product movement information with their suppliers. The use of private label strategies by distributors will expand substantially over the next few years.

As a result of this analysis, the PTDA strategic plan incorporates five goals and 30 strategies designed to help its membership — distributors and manufacturers of power transmission/motion control products — to successfully meet their business challenges. The purpose of PTDA is to advance distribution and strengthen members to be successful, profitable and competitive in a changing market environment.

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Founded in 1960, the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) is the leading association for the industrial power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distribution channel. A U.S.-based trade association, PTDA represents 216 power transmission/motion control distributor firms with over 3,500 locations throughout North America and 13 other countries, as well as 200 manufacturers that supply the PT/MC industry.

PTDA is dedicated to providing exceptional networking, targeted education, relevant information and leading-edge business tools to help distributors and manufacturers meet marketplace demands competitively and profitably. For more information, visit