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Ultrasound World IV announces speaker list

Clearwater Beach, FL -- UE Systems will once again host the annual Ultrasound World conference, scheduled for Jan. ...

Clearwater Beach, FL — UE Systems will once again host the annual Ultrasound World conference, scheduled for Jan. 27-30, 2008, at the Hilton Beach Resort in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

Similar to the past three years, Ultrasound World IV will offer multiple lectures revolving around such topics as ultrasound condition monitoring, new inspection techniques, and energy conservation. Experts within predictive maintenance technology fields as well as plant managers that utilize ultrasonic detection equipment for CbM will present case histories, educational lectures and informational sessions.

This year, as many as 14 industry specialists are lined up to present new and enlightening information on topics ranging from lubrication and bearing monitoring to energy waste.

Joseph Geirlach, vice-president of technical training and support for the TEGG Corp., will discuss how to locate electrical faults in all voltages and how that effects energy consumption. Geirlach has a diverse resume displaying highly qualified credentials including four years in the United States Air Force as an Aerospace Ground Support Equipment Technician. He has also spent four years working in a steel pipe production plant as an electrician/instrumentation technician. He has been with TEGG since 2002 overseeing a network of electrical contractors in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Australia. The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.


Also discussing energy conservation is James Neal, a research fellow for the Energy Research Group in New Zealand. Neal will be presenting methods of calculating and reporting the cost of compressed air leaks.

Roger Earley, an internationally renowned speaker working for Lubrizol Corp., where he is an expert in Pd/PM technology, will discuss the uses of infrared and ultrasound in predictive maintenance. Earley has also served in the United States military, spending five years in the U.S. Navy as an electrician.

Mike Howard, a regional manager for Commtest Inc. for the Global Chemical Manufacturing Organization, will be presenting a lecture on how to improve your lubrication program. Howard has over 13 years of maintenance and reliability, business management, and engineering experience. Having served in capacities from journeyman millwright to plant manager, he has not only a theoretical foundational understanding of maintenance and reliability, but also the practical knowledge of what works.

Also discussing Lubrication is Terry Harris. Harris will focus on various condition monitoring tools including use of the UE Systems Grease Caddy as part of an effective lubrication maintenance program.

Also offered is an extended post-conference program, which discusses two more valuable tools;:Data Management Software and Spectral Analysis Software. This lecture engages professionals who want to learn how to get the most out of their PdM program, and covers setting up routes, generating reports and using overlays.

For further information or to pre-register for all-access conference pass, contact UE Systems at 800-223-1325 or e-mail Persons that register before Nov. 1, will obtain a $100 discount off a full conference pass.

UE Systems is a manufacturer of ultrasonic testing equipment.