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Square D files counterfeit suit against Breakers Unlimited

Toronto, ON -- Square D Company, the U.S. subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has filed suit against Breakers Unlimit...


October 24, 2007
By MRO Magazine


Toronto, ON — Square D Company, the U.S. subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has filed suit against Breakers Unlimited Inc. of Noblesville, Ind., in the United States District Court in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The lawsuit asserts that Breakers Unlimited, a wholesale distributor of electrical equipment, has knowingly sold counterfeit Square D circuit breakers and has infringed Schneider Electrics Square D trademarks in violation of federal law.

Schneider Electric seeks to enjoin Breakers Unlimiteds continued distribution of counterfeit products and seeks to recover profits made by Breakers Unlimited on its sales of counterfeit products, along with treble damages, attorney fees and costs.

Schneider Electric has every intention of pursuing counterfeiters up and down the distribution chain. Well stop at nothing to preserve the integrity of our products and protect innocent customers from the serious health and safety hazards associated with counterfeit products, said Gary Abrams, president, Schneider Electric Canada. Through this lawsuit and others like it, Schneider Electric has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to prevent counterfeiting and protect our customers, trademarks and designs.

Counterfeit products pose serious health and safety hazards to consumers and put unsuspecting distributors in the middle of a very dangerous situation, says Abrams. They can fail catastrophically and cause serious harm. Even if the breaker does not have a catastrophic failure, it may not properly operate to protect the home or buildings electrical system from an electrical fault, significantly increasing the likelihood of an electrical fire.


While counterfeit circuit breakers can be difficult to identify, Schneider Electric offers the following tips for distributors:

– Distributors should only purchase Schneider Electric circuit breakers directly from Schneider Electric Canada.
– Customers should only purchase Schneider Electric circuit breakers from authorized Schneider Electric distributors.
– Carefully examine the circuit breaker for any certification marks from an independent testing organization, such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Products that have unusual trademark logos may signal a counterfeit.
– Be conscious of counterfeit product pricing. If the price seems too low, its probably too good to be true.

Distributors need to be aware that there are hidden and potentially deadly hazards associated with counterfeit circuit breakers being distributed on the market today,” says Adams. “By identifying counterfeit products and reporting counterfeiters, distributors can save lives.

Square D is a market-leading global brand of Schneider Electric for National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) type electrical distribution and industrial control products, systems and services. For more information, visit$file/Counterfeit_CB_Frameset.htm.