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EPTDA’s 10th annual convention launches Sept. 19

Monte Carlo, Monaco -- The European Power Transmission Distributors Association's (EPTDA) record-breaking 10th Annu...


September 19, 2007
By MRO Magazine

Monte Carlo, Monaco — The European Power Transmission Distributors Association’s (EPTDA) record-breaking 10th Annual Convention in Monaco is now under way, starting Sept. 19 and running until Sept. 21.

A total of 375 participants have gathered in Monaco for thought-provoking speeches, seminars and a social program. This convention has so far broken all previous EPTDA records in terms of participant figures, publicity and achievements. Over 70% of the association’s members are present — many of them together with their spouses.

The convention theme, “People Make the Difference,” is clearly visible in all EPTDA’s initiatives.

The annual convention celebrates a year that has been especially rich in realizing and initializing new ideas. This year the association launched a partnership with UNICEF, created its own ethical guidelines, and introduced a Motion Control Showcase at the convention. It has also started to monitor the European legislative environment strategically, since the European Union is a source of approximately 70%-80 % of the legislation that governs the everyday life and business practices of its members.


Another major initiative launched recently is EPTDA’s Learning Institute (ELI).

In addition, EPTDA has moved its offices to new facilities earlier this year.

With nearly 200 member companies, EPTDA represents power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) companies in Europe and elsewhere. EPTDA members are based in Central and Eastern Europe, U.K., U.S.A. and the Middle East.

The association has seen robust growth in terms of membership figures — 21 new members joined EPTDA in 2007, and it is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2008.

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