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White paper offers advice on business justification of safety programs and machine safety investments

Milwaukee, WI -- A new white paper from Rockwell Automation outlines the long-term financial benefits manufacturers...

Health & Safety

September 6, 2007
By MRO Magazine

Milwaukee, WI — A new white paper from Rockwell Automation outlines the long-term financial benefits manufacturers can reap by integrating comprehensive machine safety programs into their workplaces as a form of insurance against potential risks.

Rockwell Automation offers a full line of safety automation products and services to provide customers with a single source for all their safety automation needs.

The paper, Proving the Value of Safety: Justification and ROI of Safety Programs and Machine Safety Investments, explains the key elements of effective risk management and programs, such as occupational safety, product safety, machine safety, environmental safety and equipment safety. It also reviews workers compensation and gives recommendations for implementing a proactive safety program.

For manufacturers, taking proactive safety measures offers long-term benefits, said Dan Hornbeck, manager, safety business development, Rockwell Automation. Safety measures help protect people as well as a companys bottom line, because reducing accidents and safety incidents boosts morale — and, less machine downtime means greater production. Every way you look at it, proactive safety measures make good business sense.


Managing risk is central to the strategic initiative underway by Rockwell Automation to provide manufacturers with the latest safety systems and equipment. Rockwell Automation offers a broad line of easy-to-integrate safety solutions that merge seamlessly with existing manufacturing processes, including EtherNet I/P, programmable logic controllers and emergency stop devices, as well as experts who can tailor them to a companys needs.

Rockwell Automations breadth of experience in machine safety and industrial automation means we understand the operational problems that create risk and how to solve them, said Hornbeck. Our products are designed and built to global standards for high reliability, stability and quality.

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