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Trim fat with your lean diet


July 11, 2007
By PEM Magazine
You have to be determined and work hard to lose weight. My head spins when I think about the diet options. You can choose from the South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Zone Diet and more. Even Dr. Phil offers a diet. It’s either low-carb, no-carb or pass the Dutchie.We didn’t mean to offend with the PEM issue cover. Trust me, I’m battling my own diet demons. I have to become lean, but it’s a challenge.

What about your maintenance department? Respected industry analyst Terry Wireman (page 24) says that it’s important for companies to take “fat” out of their maintenance operations. Wireman says it’s all about removing waste from the maintenance process. For example, you want to reduce travel time to get tools, time to transport tools, time required to identify tools and time needed to substitute tools.

As Wireman outlines in his article, you shouldn’t focus on lowering the amount of wasted MRO resources by cutting the size of your maintenance department, but rather by deploying it in a planned and scheduled mode.Wireman also urges maintainers to use computerized maintenance software (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems as tracking tools to improve lean maintenance initiatives.

You first have to apply the basics, however, to succeed with lean maintenance. A good example is lubrication and its impact on equipment reliability. At the recent U.S. National Manufacturing Week show in Chicago, Eric Bevevino, business unit manager, industrial and integrated solutions for ChevronTexaco, talked about how lubrication and reliability can be linked to lean maintenance performance.


To maximize your lubrication program, Bevevino recommends: conduct combined team planning session with purchasing, maintenance, operations and finance; assess the current situation; develop potential improvement projects; determine possible savings, total costs and timelines; agree to action plans, milestones and documentation; assign responsibility; and review weekly by department and monthly by team.

Go lean, get fit and reap the benefits.

Robert Robertson, Editor
PEMAC Allied Member