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July 11, 2007
By PEM Magazine
The “Women in Maintenance” cover story, which appeared in the last issue generated lots of reader opinion. I want to thank the readers who told us what they liked and didn’t like about the story.We value and appreciate everyone’s input.

PEM has reported on Canada’s looming shortage of skilled tradespersons for some time now. The magazine won two prestigious editorial awards for its writing on this important topic: 2005 KRW Silver Award and 1997 Jesse H. Neal Award.

As mentioned in the story about women maintainers, Canada’s workforce isn’t getting any younger. Our country faces losing 400,000 skilled tradespersons through retirement by 2020. Industry must consider all viable workforce options.

This is why we decided to research and investigate the aspect of women working in maintenance. As we dug deeper into the story, we realized that women bring a certain skill set to the job. We wanted the story to reflect these distinct attributes.


Again, industry stakeholders must think of innovative ways to solve the problem of a lack of skilled tradespersons. If they start to talk about the advantages or disadvantages of possibly hiring women maintainers-this is a good starting point.

As PEM editor, I continue to be impressed with the knowledge, savvy, intelligence, passion, expertise, dedication and commitment to the job of men and women maintenance professionals. These qualities also aren’t gender specific.

If there are any differences between the sexes, as pointed out in the story, they will only define what men and women maintainers can offer to each other in a helpful and constructive way. This builds a better maintenance team.

I further encourage industry to talk to local colleges about hiring apprentices. Companies can benefit from bringing young people into the trades, as they offer bright minds, refreshing new job skills and a willingness to learn.

Find the workers you need today-not tomorrow.

Robert Robertson, Editor
PEMAC Allied Member

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