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Teamwork pays off in the end

How do you define maintenance excellence? This is a good question. It’s easy to come up with operational cost savings or equipment uptime improvement percentages. I believe, however, that the true measure and success of a maintenance department is best reflected by teamwork (or lack thereof) on the shop floor. 


July 10, 2007
By PEM Magazine
The winners of the PEM 2006 Maintenance Awards are tremendous examples
of maintenance teamwork. Canadian Tire and the City of Mississauga
(pages 22-25) have maintenance teams that work together and take
ownership to ensure the job is done right. They also use innovative
reliability strategies.

Here’s what award winners Ken Desloges, P. Log, maintenance,
ASRS/conveyor manager, Canadian Tire, and Shawn Crawford, the City of
Mississauga’s manager of facilities maintenance, have to say about
their respective maintenance teams:

Ken Desloges: “Maintenance must work as a team. With operations working
a seven-day by 20-hour schedule, maintenance has a four-hour window to
service equipment. Work must be well planned and properly scheduled,
with the parts available and execution must occur without incident.
This can only be achieved through teamwork.”

Shawn Crawford: “The team as a whole has come from an organization that
just went ëthrough the motions’ to one of being re-energized and
committed to the goal of being the best. We found ourselves going down
new paths, while having to adapt to changing processes. Everyone
demonstrated their abilities and I’m extremely proud of my staff.”


Everyone gets out of life what he or she puts in. My job editing PEM is
the same-so is yours as a maintenance professional. It also doesn’t
matter whether you’re a maintenance manager or tradesperson. Henry Ford
once had this to say about teamwork: “Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Ensure that
maintenance teamwork takes priority. I guarantee your efforts will be
rewarded. Why, you might be a winner of the PEM 2007 Maintenance Awards!

Robert Robertson, Editor
PEMAC Allied Member