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Early-bird signup to InfraMation conference includes free hotel stay

Boston, MA -- FLIR Systems Inc., a supplier of infrared cameras, and the ITC (Infrared Training Center), will host ...


May 25, 2007
By MRO Magazine

Boston, MA — FLIR Systems Inc., a supplier of infrared cameras, and the ITC (Infrared Training Center), will host the 8th annual InfraMation conference Oct.15-19, 2007, at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

InfraMation is the worlds largest conference for professional infrared thermographers. It features user-led presentations on infrared applications, practical how-to infrared clinics, panel discussions moderated by infrared experts, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Participants who register by June 15, 2007, will receive five free hotel nights, a free guest/spouse pass, and the choice of a Home Depot Gift Card or a Kestrel 3000 Wind Meter. Some restrictions apply for this Early Bird Registration Special. Conference registration is available online at, or by calling 1-800-254-0632.

At the conference, thermographers will discuss their use of infrared technology in fields such as plant predictive maintenance, thermal research and development, on-line process monitoring and control, and non-destructive testing.


Topics will include thermographer and product safety, high definition infrared thermography for scientific applications, electronics and microelectronics inspections, building and environmental analysis, process automation, and more.

This years conference will also feature practical infrared clinics on the latest applications, techniques and business practices. New infrared clinics include: Indoor Electrical Applications, Level II Condition Assessment of Substations and Transformers, QuickReport and QuickView Software, Business Marketing for the IR Consultant, and Managing IR Programs.

In addition, ITC-certified thermographers can qualify to recertify their ITC Certification by participating in infrared clinics at InfraMation.