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Reliability and technology workshops set for 12 U.S. cities

Elmsford, NY -- UE Systems, along with service partners Commtest and Allied Reliability, have recently launched a s...

Elmsford, NY — UE Systems, along with service partners Commtest and Allied Reliability, have recently launched a series of Reliability and Technology workshops, spanning from now through mid-October, in 12 U.S. cities. These are introductionductory classes applying basic reliability principles for breaking down barriers that keep maintenance professionals from applying proactive PM/PdM programs.

The detailed concentration of workshops centre on replacing PMs, with PdM technologies, as well as performing PMs on mechanical, electrical, and stationary equipment.

The workshops are designed for professionals that use the three leading technologies of predictive maintenance: vibration, infrared and ultrasound. Classes are a full day and designed to help develop a proactive PM/PdM maintenance program. The workshops have been designed to teach and direct attendees toward energy savings and lowering of overall maintenance costs.

Taught by experts from diverse industries that specialize in various CbM (condition-based monitoring) technologies, completion of a full days course will enable maintenance managers to better detect areas of concern within the plant, then eliminate the potential for failure related to specific applications.


Full-day classes are only $49.00 per registrant and include all materials needed; introduction to basic reliability fundamentals, introduction to three PdM Technologies, and introduction to applying technologies to identify defects. Workshop schedules and registration information can be found on the UE Systems website,, or by calling them directly at 800-223-2325.

UE Systems Inc. is the manufacturer of the Ultraprobe series and continuous on-line monitors for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection that solve condition monitoring, energy conservation and predictive maintenance needs. The UE Group of companies also includes UE Training Systems, which offers certifiable courses in airborne ultrasound, and UE Service partners, an affiliation of specially qualified inspection service providers.

For additional information please contact Alan Bandes, vice-president, marketing, UE Systems, 914-592-1220,