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Extensive bearings program at STLE’s May 6-10 meeting

Philadelphia, PA -- Interested in bearings? STLE's 2007 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 6-10 at the downtown Phila...


March 21, 2007
By MRO Magazine

Philadelphia, PA — Interested in bearings? STLE’s 2007 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 6-10 at the downtown Philadelphia Marriott in Philadelphia, Pa., has a program for you.

First, there are 10 technical papers on rolling element bearings and 23 papers on fluid film bearings showcasing the latest innovations and technologies. Practical subjects in rolling element bearings include the effect of grease rheology on starvation speed and thin film lubricant replenishment.

There are a variety of papers on improved analytical techniques for characterizing the mechanisms of lubrication in rolling element bearing. Fluid film subjects vary from mechanistic or modelling studies to material, thermal and surface effects on lubrication. The more exotic new-design technologies such as gas or air foil, squeeze film damper and tilt pad bearings also are covered.

Second, the Basic Lubrication 102 course on Monday, May 7, has a section on bearings taught by Paul Shiller of The Timken Company.


Third, the 80-exhibitor trade show includes companies ready to display and answer questions about the latest innovations in bearing lubricants, including lubricant additives and bearing testing procedures and equipment.

STLE’s 2007 Annual Meeting & Exhibition has much for those interested in bearing technology and for those seeking to expand their knowledge of bearings to prepare for the society’s Certified Lubrication Specialist certification.

Complete program information, plus online registration and hotel reservations, are available at You can save $50 on the meeting fee by registering before April 13.