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Industrial processes among targets in new federal energy initiative

Toronto, ON -- The federal government's new ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative, announced in Toronto at the Metro Home...


January 22, 2007
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — The federal government’s new ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative, announced in Toronto at the Metro Home Show Jan. 21, 2007, will invest about $300 million over four years to promote smarter energy use across all sectors of society, including industry.

The ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative is a focused mix of information and incentives targeted to improve energy efficiency in housing, buildings and industrial processes. It includes a new initiative designed to help those who need the most help with retrofit projects.

The government says industry can do its part by adopting pollution prevention measures, pollution control technology, improving energy efficiency, switching to renewable sources, and using cleaner fuels.

To help large industry deal with regulations introduced as part of the Clean Air Act, and to stimulate action across all industries, a new ecoENERGY for Industry program will devote about $20 million to encourage information-sharing on new technologies and best practices in energy use; training for energy managers to identify and put in place energy-saving projects; and cost-shared assistance for energy assessments that identify a wide range of ways to improve energy use.


The ecoENERGY for Industry program is expected to yield energy savings equivalent to the energy used by between 65,000 and 146,000 households.

Program details about all three components of the ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative, including information about how to apply for ecoENERGY grants, will be available when the programs start in April 2007.

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