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B.C. product development company celebrates 25 years

Vancouver, BC -- KLN Klein Product Development Inc. of Langley, B.C., is celebrating its 25th year of serving the h...


November 28, 2006
By MRO Magazine

Vancouver, BC — KLN Klein Product Development Inc. of Langley, B.C., is celebrating its 25th year of serving the high-tech industry in Vancouver and North America.

Working as ‘product innovators on call,’ KLN Klein has assisted over 130 clients, in more than 30 different industries, materialize their vision of creating new technology products or to drastically improve existing ones. The company offers contract design engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services under one roof.

Founded in 1981, it has evolved from an exclusively electronic and software engineering firm to a one-stop electro-mechanical product development centre with its own, fully integrated engineering and manufacturing facilities.

“The engineering department, where creativity and technical knowledge leads to innovative design solutions, is just a flight of stairs away from the electronic division, the machine shop, and the assembly area, where the designs materialize into complete electro-mechanical products, ready to ship and use,” says Peter Klein, president.


This blend of multi-disciplinary expertise and resources has allowed KLN Klein to not only develop and manufacture complex products in a few months, but also to provide critical solutions in a matter of days, to address clients’ emergencies. For example, a helicopter-vibration-isolation-platform for a survey computer was designed and built for AVCAN Systems Inc. of Vancouver in only five days, to assist AVCAN in fulfilling a critical, time-sensitive flying mission.

Other innovations developed and manufactured by the company include a variety of electronic docking stations for hand-held warehouse scanners that provide secure mounting on forklifts and automatically recharge the scanners’ batteries; the world’s first chemical analyzer to automatically and simultaneously measure Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide in liquids and gases; and various precision measurement instruments like a lumber profiler and a saw-tooth inspector for quality control in the lumber industry.

For more information, contact Peter Klein, P.Eng. at 604-530-1491 or visit