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Time to get ready for Healthy Workplace Week

Hamilton, ON -- Employees who feel empowered and valued at their workplace are more productive, more loyal, less st...

Health & Safety

October 13, 2006
By MRO Magazine

Hamilton, ON — Employees who feel empowered and valued at their workplace are more productive, more loyal, less stressed, and have better physical, emotional, spiritual, social and mental health, reports the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. According to the last 20 years of research, healthy organizations are good for employees, the business and the bottom line. It has become an accepted fact that healthy organizations have a competitive advantage and incur fewer costs associated with absenteeism, recruitment and healthcare.

To celebrate the increasingly popular phenomenon of healthy workplaces, Canada sets aside a week each year. This year’s Healthy Workplace Week will take place Oct. 23-29, 2006. Workplaces are invited to organize their own activities to increase awareness about the positive impact workplace health has on personal and organizational performance.

The theme for Healthy Workplace Week 2006 is “Make a Difference in Your Workplace.” Even small actions can make a big difference, which is why individuals have the influence to create at least a “pocket of health” in their organization. Small, positive actions often have a ripple effect.

Studies reveal that every healthy, high-performing organization happens to have a senior decision-maker who was committed to creating a healthy workplace at an early stage in the process. These executives recognized the need to create an environment where people can buy into a vision, and where they feel respected and listened to. They are committed to ensuring a healthy balance between workers’ home and work lives. They encourage creativity, innovation, and productivity, which inevitably lead to profit. If this sounds fairly simple, it is – but it doesn’t happen overnight.


An on-line resource,, can help your organization get started. The site features activities to enhance an individual’s well-being, activities to support managers, and activities for organizations to implement.

There is no limit to how your organization can participate. For starters, the Healthy Workplace Week website gives examples of the top activities companies have done in previous years. These include giving out healthy workplace report cards, conducting a “Workplace Health Fair” or a personal health quiz, and other suggestions as shared by the organizations that came up with them.

The key is to focus on what’s already going well in your workplace and aim to do even better. Try these tried-and-true ideas, or find your unique way of celebrating Healthy Workplace Week to give your organization a well-deserved pat on the back and promote good health.

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