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Agrium signs up for railcar maintenance management program

Calgary, AB -- One of the world's leading marketers of fertilizer and other crop inputs has signed up for a new GE ...

Calgary, AB — One of the world’s leading marketers of fertilizer and other crop inputs has signed up for a new GE service that promises to simplify and better manage the increasingly complex and potentially costly task of managing and maintaining its fleet of specialty railcars.

Agrium, a global retailer, marketer and producer of fertilizer and other crop inputs based in Calgary, Alta., has become the first company to sign up for Maintenance MAX, the new fleet maintenance and management service provided by GE Equipment Services of Chicago, Ill. Agrium is placing 100 fertilizer hopper cars in this new service program, combining the management of railcar fleet administration and maintenance functions.

“Agrium, like so many other shippers in the rail industry, want a firm handle on upkeep costs within their railcar fleet,” said Ted Torbeck, president and CEO of GE Equipment Services, Rail Services.

With Maintenance MAX, GE is bringing its own considerable experience to bear on railcar fleet maintenance. As the owner of a fleet of more than 170,000 railcars that comprise one of the world’s most diverse fleets, maintenance is one of Railcar Services’ core competencies. GE has drawn on years of data on every aspect of fleet maintenance, analyzing different materials, suppliers and types of equipment, to determine the best repairs to maintain reliability. With this information-based approach, Maintenance MAX helps extend maintenance intervals, keep cars on track, and reduce overall maintenance costs.


The Maintenance MAX program uses GE’s historical data and analyzes key components of customer railcars to help identify cost trends of the fleet. Using the quality control standards of Six Sigma, the service provides a cost effective, overall fleet management system.

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