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Lubricants University offers new courses on gear lubrication and heavy duty coolants

San Ramon, CA -- Chevron's Lubricants University (, an educational website focused on ...


September 5, 2006
By MRO Magazine

San Ramon, CA — Chevron’s Lubricants University (, an educational website focused on lubrication and coolant issues, is introducing two new courses, “Fundamentals of Industrial Gear Lubrication” and “Fundamentals of Heavy Duty Coolants,” as part of its course catalogue. The site offers web-based, self-study courses designed for maintenance professionals interested in ongoing training.

The “Fundamentals of Industrial Gear Lubrication” course increases understanding of gear types and their operation, lubrication best practices, ongoing maintenance issues and the types of lubricants used in stationary industrial gear boxes. The course helps technicians, plant maintenance personnel and lubricant salespeople better understand the role of gear lubrication and maintenance play in achieving efficient equipment operation and extended life.

“Fundamentals of Heavy Duty Coolants” covers the operation of engine cooling systems, including parts, potential problems and the benefits and drawbacks of the various conventional and extended life coolants currently available on the market. Individuals in maintenance-related positions in the construction, mining and on- and off-road trucking markets, as well as OEMs, their dealers and lubricant salespeople will benefit from this course.

“Lubricants University’s is building a reputation as a valuable, convenient and cost effective maintenance training tool,” said Carmen Ulabarro, coolant marketing specialist, Chevron Products Company. “Courses like ‘Heavy Duty Coolants’ allow maintenance professionals to keep up-to-date on critical technologies without having to spend significant time away from their primary duties.”


Courses are available to the general public and cost US$59.95 each. To purchase a course by credit card, call the Chevron Fulfillment Center at 1-866-758-2378. A subscription program is available for companies interested in offering training to multiple employees. The subscription fee is dependent on the number of employees taking courses and the number of courses a company chooses to take.

For further details regarding the subscription program contact: or

Other courses available online include “Fundamentals of Lubrication,” which provides an introduction to the fundamentals of wear and friction, and describes lubrication’s role in preventing wear and friction in mechanical equipment. Also available is “Heavy Duty Engine Lubrication,” which explains how a diesel engine operates, the key engine parts and its functions, the role of the lubricant, and how heavy diesel engine lubricants are specified. The “Fundamentals of Lubricant Additives” course covers the primary additives used in lubricant formulations and explains the basic functions and applications. The “Base Oils” course covers base oils manufacturing, how performance is measured and why different oils are selected for specific applications. Also offered is a “Fundamentals of Hydraulic Systems” course to increase understanding of hydraulic system components, lubrication procedures and potential hydraulic system problems.

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