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September Toronto-area conference focuses on maintenance

Mississauga, ON -- With rising costs, foreign competition and the constant need to improve the productivity of plan...

Mississauga, ON — With rising costs, foreign competition and the constant need to improve the productivity of plants, mines, mills and other industrial facilities, maintenance managers can find themselves pushed to the limit to keep machines running for maximum output. Avoiding costly repairs and increasing operating time on machinery has never been more crucial than it is today.

Federated Press’ 5th Annual Creating a 21st Century Maintenance Organization conference will present the latest insights from more than 20 senior maintenance and engineering professionals on how they are successfully facing the challenges of the maintenance environment and developing optimal efficiency in their own plants.

The event takes place Sept. 25-27, 2006, in Mississauga, Ont. Topics planned for the conference include:

* Looking past your machines to the growing importance of capturing the knowledge of your aging workforce and planning for the future shortage by training your maintenance team


* Using maintenance work management and Condition Monitoring (CM)

* Boosting your maintenance budget through electricity energy management

* The legal implications of safety negligence in the plant

* Best practices about applying root cause analysis

* Applied maintenance technologies, such as scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) systems, CMMS and lubrication excellence programs

* Cost-reduction strategies in maintenance, including lean maintenance and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

* Key performance measures to benchmark the performance of a company’s maintenance function.

Also, two plant tours are planned: 1) Siemens Canada will showcase its best practices for maintenance management; 2) Toronto Hydro will share its story of how renewal energy can translate into cost savings and even boost a maintenance budget.

This event is endorsed by Machinery & Equipment MRO magazine. For details, contact Federated Press: phone 416-665-6868, toll-free 1-800-363-0722; e-mail, or visit