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Certified infrared training courses offered in Canada

North Billerica MA -- The latest listing of fully certified infrared training courses offered by the Infrared Train...


July 7, 2006
By MRO Magazine

North Billerica MA — The latest listing of fully certified infrared training courses offered by the Infrared Training Center (ITC) at its facility a few miles north of Boston, and at 23 other cities in the United States, Canada and South America, includes Level I, II, and III Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Thermography, Research and Development, and applications courses in building science, roofing, and electrical and mechanical inspection.

ITC course certifications meet or exceed ASNT (American Society for Non-Destructive Testing) SNT-TC-1A guidelines. Level I and Level II courses are recognized by NETA (International Electrical Testing Association, an accredited standards developer for the American National Standards Institute, ANSI).

ITC is the only ISO-9001 certified infrared training organization worldwide, and is the only factory-authorized training organization for FLIR, Agema and Inframetrics cameras. ITC instructors are ASNT NDT and PdM TIR Level III certified and have extensive field experience.

Canadian courses in 2006 are listed below. For the complete course schedule and registration information as well as information on InfraMation, the infrared industry’s annual Thermographers’ Conference sponsored by ITC (Oct. 23-27, 2006, in Las Vegas, Nev.), contact Betty Taylor at 1-800-254-0631, or visit For Courses in Canada contact Nancy Edwards at 1-800-613-0507 ext 24.


2006 Course Schedule – Canada

August 2006
8 11 Level III Toronto, ON
14 17 Level I Toronto, ON
17 Software Toronto, ON
21 24 Level II Montreal QC (English)
24 Software Montreal QC
25 Water Intrusion Montreal QC
28 29 – Law Enforcement Toronto ON

September 2006
11 14 Level I Brockville ON
14 Software Brockville ON
25 28 Level II Moncton NB
28 Software Moncton NB
29 Water Intrusion Moncton NB

October 2006
2 5 Level I St John’s NF
5 Software St John’s NF
30 Nov 2 Level I Winnipeg MB

November 2006
2 Software Winnipeg MB
7 9 Gas Find IR Edmonton AB
13 16 Level I Moncton NB
16 Software Moncton NB
20 23 Level I Edmonton AB
23 Software Edmonton AB
27 28 Building Investigations Toronto ON

December 2006
4 7 Level II Toronto ON
11 14 – Level I Toronto ON
14 Software – Toronto ON.