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Ivara acquires RCM company founded by John Moubray

Burlington, ON Ivara Corporation, a provider of asset reliability solutions, has acquired Aladon LLC, specialist...

Burlington, ON Ivara Corporation, a provider of asset reliability solutions, has acquired Aladon LLC, specialists in the application of reliability-centred maintenance (RCM). The acquisition, effective January 1, 2006, extends Ivara’s market reach and ensures the continuation of the Aladon Network — licensees of Aladon’s RCM training, consulting and support services.

With the acquisition, Ivara is committed to the continued availability and success of RCM 2, developed by Aladon’s founder and RCM thought leader, John Moubray. RCM 2 is a comprehensive approach to RCM that determines the maintenance strategy for industrial equipment and systems. It has been applied at more than 1,500 sites in 44 countries.

“We are proud and excited to be able to announce that Ivara has acquired Aladon,” says Edith Moubray, executive officer, Aladon LLC. “Ivara has been a licensee of the Aladon Network for six years and we’ve enjoyed a close working relationship. Ivara has the infrastructure, experience and commitment to continue and expand Aladon’s business.”

Ivara will retain Aladon’s U.S. operations, based in Asheville, N.C. The company will also use the Aladon Network to deliver RCM services to a growing international customer base, providing Ivara with global RCM capabilities.


Roger Zanatta, Ivara’s current vice-president of business partners, has been appointed as the general manager of Aladon.

“There are tremendous synergies between our organizations — Aladon commercialized RCM thinking and Ivara’s reliability solution was founded on RCM principals,” says Zanatta. “As Ivara expands its operations beyond North America, we will leverage the Aladon Network’s RCM expertise to better serve our new collective customer base.”

“Our acquisition of Aladon is a critical milestone in our growth strategy and commitment to the expansion of our offering in key world markets,” says Bill Shaw, president and CEO of Ivara.

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