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Rolls-Royce and Timken team up to expand helicopter parts offering

Canton, Ohio -- Rolls-Royce Corp. and The Timken Company have formed an alliance to increase Timken's technology an...

Canton, Ohio — Rolls-Royce Corp. and The Timken Company have formed an alliance to increase Timken’s technology and service capabilities for Model 250 helicopter turboshaft engine parts and component repair.

Timken’s aerospace business will provide an expanded variety of parts and services under license from Rolls-Royce for new engine production and for the aftermarket.

While Timken has provided aerospace bearings to Rolls-Royce Corporation for more than 30 years, this agreement expands the supply range into other engine parts. As part of a settlement of a commercial dispute, Timken Aerospace will become an Authorized Repair Facility and will produce certain Model 250 engine parts under license from Rolls-Royce Corp.

“Our Model 250 engine customers and the Model 250 FIRST network of authorized service centres will benefit from improved service and availability as we begin to utilize Timken Aerospace’s experience and expanded capacity,” said Scott Crislip, president of Helicopters and Small Gas Turbine Engines for Rolls-Royce.


“We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Rolls-Royce Corporation in several areas where we believe we can enhance product value or performance through our innovative friction management technologies,” said J. Ron Menning, Timken’s vice-president of Aerospace, Consumer and Super Precision.

“Over the last few years we have been expanding our capabilities to produce power transmission parts for small turboshaft engines and look forward to applying these resources to one of the most successful turbine engines ever. Rolls-Royce’s original equipment manufacturing experience will help Timken to grow its Aerospace business.”

Rolls-Royce operates in four global markets — civil aerospace, defense aerospace, marine and energy. The company now has a total of 54,000 gas turbines in service worldwide. It mploys around 35,000 people, including 8,000 in North America.

Timken’s supplies engineered bearings, alloy steels and related products and services and has operations in 27 countries and 26,000 employees.