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Machines & Ideas show in Brno expands

Brno, Czech Republic -- MSV 2005, also known as Machines & Ideas, is the 47th edition of the International Engineer...


September 8, 2005
By MRO Magazine

Brno, Czech Republic — MSV 2005, also known as Machines & Ideas, is the 47th edition of the International Engineering Fair. It takes place Oct. 3-7, 2005, at the Brno Exhibition Centre in Brno, Czech Republic. The trade show is co-located with the 3rd International Fair for Transport and Logistics.

Machines & Ideas, organized by Brno Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, is aimed at professionals related to machines for processing minerals, materials and components for mechanical engineering, machinery and accessories for the chemical industry, equipment for processing polluted air, water treatment plants, and machines for industrial cleaning and washing, among others.

Exhibition stands from about 2,250 firms from 33 countries worldwide will be housed in 16 fully sold out halls, in a newly erected hall ‘U’, and also in open exhibition areas.

The number of fair participants has increased in particular thanks to foreign companies. If last year every third exhibitor came from abroad, this year they will be as much as 800 and the proportion of foreign firms will amount to 36%. The number of South-Korean attendees will triple, the participation from Bulgaria, France and Spain will double, also the number of Dutch, Polish, Austrian or Swiss firms will be considerably higher. Foreign participation will be ever higher as tens of firms in particular from Germany and Austria, which attend the fair though their Czech representatives or distributors, also belong to direct foreign exhibitors.


Most new exhibitors will be from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, France, Italy and Great Britain.

German participation will be unambiguously dominating, the highest within the past five runs. The area occupied by German firms will increase by 20%. More than a third of German exhibitors have never been to MSV.

This year the Slovak participation will be extraordinarily high, where every third of about a hundred of firms will attend MSV for the first time. Also 50% of the Italian firms will come to Brno for the first time, most of them from the plastic, rubber and chemical industries.

This year, Italy will be the fourth most represented foreign country, after Germany, Slovakia and Austria.

Also firms from some countries outside EU show an increased interest in the fair. More exhibitors will come from Russia, from where also the so-called official participation supported by the government has been expected. This year also firms from distant territories such as Hong Kong, South Korea, South-African Republic, etc., will attend the fair, and a joint group participation from India will have its premiere at MSV.

Newly represented countries will also be Ireland and Sr Lanka. Official participations have been expected from Bulgaria, China, South Korea, Germany (Federal Land Thuringia), the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the U.K. Even Canada will be represented.

The visitors who have been used to a two-year frequency of machine tools and forming machines will be certainly greatly surprised with this year’s offer. Although the specialist IMT Fair is not staged this time, thanks to an exception to the rules of the European Committee for a Cooperation in Machine Tools and Forming Machines CECIMO, the exhibits of all most important firms will be presented in Brno as in even years. None of the usual participants will be missing and moreover over 50 new companies will be represented.

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