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Ontario provides an electronic gateway to workplace information

Toronto, ON -- Anyone looking for information on how to ensure a safe, fair and harmonious workplace will find stra...

Health & Safety

August 10, 2005
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Anyone looking for information on how to ensure a safe, fair and harmonious workplace will find straightforward answers on the Workplace Gateway, a website from the Ontario government.

The site bundles information on workplace health and safety, employment standards and consumer protection, providing one-stop access to a number of web-based resources for employers and workers alike. The Gateway also covers specific industry sectors, from construction to restaurants to tourism.

“This is furthering the education and training of the whole community,” said Labour Minister Chris Bentley when the site was launched last fall, “particularly the employer community with respect to employment standards and occupational health and safety issues. It is a platform that we can build upon in the future to help businesses become more efficient and government more effective.”

Visitors to the Workplace Gateway can register with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and Employee Health Tax. They can also apply for employment insurance, access online forms, sign up to receive notifications of construction projects via e-mail, and download documents, such as an employment standards poster.


The site contains a wide range of workplace information from workplace hazards and controls, health hazards, regulations on working outside of Ontario, to repetitive strain injury, hazard alerts from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, and news about laws and enforcement.

Small businesses in particular will benefit from having easy access government information on health and safety requirements and other employment practices. The construction link, for example, leads to detailed information on how to start a business or project, licences and trade qualifications, workplace health and safety laws, regulations and other topics.

A frequently-asked-questions section addresses the popular issues of wages and hours of work, health and safety, insurance and benefits, and business productivity.

The website is located at: The Workplace Gateway can also be accessed through the Ministry of Labour’s website at Click on the Workplace Gateway button.