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Toronto man jailed 30 days for repeated violations of Professional Engineers Act

Toronto, ON -- Mohammad Hafeez of Toronto was jailed on June 10, 2005, for 30 days and ordered to pay costs to Prof...


June 27, 2005
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Mohammad Hafeez of Toronto was jailed on June 10, 2005, for 30 days and ordered to pay costs to Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) of $19,863.81, after he was found in contempt of a previous Order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for violating the Professional Engineers Act. The previous Order was made by the Honourable Justice Trafford on Nov. 7, 1995.

Mr. Hafeez is not, and has never been, licensed as a professional engineer in the Province of Ontario.

The Honourable Madam Justice Sachs handed down the sentence in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. Madame Justice Sachs reviewed affidavit evidence on behalf of the application by PEO’s lawyers McCarthy Ttrault, and heard evidence from Mr. Hafeez in person. She also heard submissions from Mark Polley of the law firm of McCarthy Ttrault on behalf of PEO and A.S. Leighl on behalf of Mr. Hafeez.

The application was brought after an investigation by PEO revealed that in the spring of 2000, Mr. Hafeez had described himself as a "structural engineer" and an "engineer" to clients and another person while working on a construction project in the City of Toronto.


Under the terms of the 1995 order, Mr. Hafeez was ordered to: refrain from using the title "professional engineer" or an abbreviation or variation thereof as an occupational or business designation; refrain from using a term, title or description that will lead to the belief that he may engage in the business of professional engineering; and surrender to the PEO any business cards, site signs, seals or title blocks in his possession containing the words "professional engineer," "engineer," "engineering," or any abbreviation thereof.

The Court also heard that Mr. Hafeez had previously been convicted on four separate occasions of misrepresenting himself as "an engineer" while working on various projects in the Greater Toronto Area between April 1993 and June 1998. Fines were levied in the combined total of $85,000.

PEO licenses Ontario’s 67,000 professional engineers and permits over 4,200 firms and individuals to offer engineering services to the public under Certificates of Authorization. Under the Professional Engineers Act, a valid Certificate of Authorization is required before any individual or business can provide professional engineering services to the public.

PEO also disciplines professional engineers and firms that fail to maintain the profession’s technical and ethical standards, and prosecutes in the Courts those practising professional engineering without a licence, or using a term, title or designation that may lead others to believe they are entitled to practice.

Professional Engineers Ontario administers the Professional Engineers Act by licensing professional engineers and setting standards for and regulating engineering in Ontario so that the public interest is served and protected. Rigorously educated, experienced, and committed to a Code of Ethics that puts the public interest first, licensed professional engineers can be identified by the P.Eng. after their names.