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New indoor air quality troubleshooting line announced

Mississauga, ON -- Fluke Electronics Canada, a supplier of compact, professional electronic test tools, plans to in...


March 29, 2005
By MRO Magazine

Mississauga, ON — Fluke Electronics Canada, a supplier of compact, professional electronic test tools, plans to introduce a new line of indoor air quality (IAQ) test tools during 2005, providing HVAC, building maintenance and IAQ professionals with a comprehensive portfolio of precision instruments for troubleshooting and maintaining indoor air quality.

Fluke provides many test instruments — such as digital multimeters, clamp meters, electrical testers, infra-red and contact thermometers, carbon monoxide detectors and temperature calibrators — that HVAC and operations/maintenance technicians rely on to monitor and manage HVAC systems and control indoor air quality. Now Fluke will build on this market presence.

“Indoor air quality is a natural extension of Fluke’s market-leading technology and product design,” said Rick Pirret, manager, Fluke Indoor Air Diagnostics.

In March 2005, Fluke introduced the first product in its new indoor air quality line, the Fluke 983 Particle Counter, a compact tool that enables users to measure the presence of airborne particles and track down particle sources. Its expanded data logging and six-channel particle size display allow users to run more tests faster and spend less time cycling through screens to get the data they need.


“These new products are being designed in partnership with our customers,” said Pirret. “Fluke associates have been in the field, talking with users to ensure the new products will exceed their expectations for performance, ease of use and value.”

Deficient indoor air quality is a significant and costly issue for business and industry. By some estimates, up to 30% of commercial buildings exhibit ‘sick building’ syndrome. Substandard indoor air quality can hamper staff productivity, disrupt clean room operation or lead to litigation.

Working to solve these issues are operations and maintenance technicians and engineers, HVAC contractors and Certified Industrial Hygienists.

Fluke IAQ tools will help these professionals by delivering the accuracy, reliability, toughness, safety, usability and value for which Fluke tools are famous.

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