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ChevronTexaco unveils new lubrication-oriented CMMS

Bonita Springs, FL -- ChevronTexaco Products Company (ChevronTexaco), a provider of industrial lubricants and relia...


February 18, 2005
By MRO Magazine

Bonita Springs, FL — ChevronTexaco Products Company (ChevronTexaco), a provider of industrial lubricants and reliability-based maintenance solutions, has announced the addition of Computex MMS, to its Reliability Solutions portfolio.

Computex MMS is a fully scalable, web-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), that unlike other CMMS offerings concentrating mostly on monitoring machinery and parts statistics, focuses primarily on preventive maintenance through lubrication best practices.

Targeting maintenance managers, the solution addresses the lack of user-friendly CMMS system designed to track lubricant related maintenance accomplishments. The system can become a key enabler for companies trying to move out of the reactive maintenance mode, towards a more proactive, reliability centred, maintenance practice.

“After many years of experience in developing, implementing and servicing lubrication routing and scheduling programs in a variety of industries, ChevronTexaco found a need for an easy-to-use, all-encompassing lubrication maintenance management system to help companies operate efficiently and remain profitable,” said Eric Bevevino, business unit manager for industrial products and reliability solutions, ChevronTexaco.


“Many other CMMS systems on the market have ignored lubrication. Using our experience and world-renowned expertise in lubrication, we developed and created Computex MMS – quite possibly one of the most comprehensive lubrication-based maintenance systems available.”

Computex MMS is a fully scalable, web-based, three-tiered maintenance management system. Customers can choose the service level that works best for them. The different levels of functionality offered by the product include:

– Basic provides a window for customers to view survey data and to do limited maintenance planning.
– Intermediate is a fully interactive lubrication routing and scheduling program with some added perks of typically higher-priced CMMS offerings in the market today.
– Advanced is a fully functional CMMS which competes with all the big names in the industry.

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