MRO Magazine

December 31, 2004  

ExxonMobil lube technology selected for basestock plant in Malaysia

Fairfax, VA — ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) reports that Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd…

December 31, 2004  

Industrial output declined in October 2004

Ottawa, ON — For a second month in a row, Statistics Canada reports that growth in the Canadian economy was at a s…

December 30, 2004  

New brand identity established for lubricant range

Midland, MI — To better serve its global customer base, Dow Corning is introducing a new identity for its Molykote…

December 29, 2004  

Export Trends & Tips: How to find a foreign buyer

Ottawa, ON — You have a great product that is selling well in Canada. Or you have a good reputation for your servi…

December 28, 2004  

Eurothern renamed SSD Drives

Charlotte, NC — SSD Drives is now both the new and old name for Eurotherm Drives. SSD is a manufacturer of AC, DC…

December 27, 2004  

Lubrication Excellence conference to be co-located with Reliability World 2005

San Antionio, TX — The first annual Reliability World Conference is scheduled for April 26-28, 2005, in San Antoni…

December 24, 2004  

Christmas in a maintenance engineer’s mind

North Pole — Here’s how we think a typical maintenance engineer thinks about Christmas and Santa Claus. Let’s hope…

December 23, 2004  

Imperial Oil contributes $10 million for oil sands research at UofA

Edmonton, AB — Imperial Oil Ltd. will contribute $10 million over the next five years to establish a new research…

December 22, 2004  

GE refurbishes generator at Swedish hydro plant

Montreal, QC — Montreal-based GE Hydro Canada, a subsidiary of General Electric, is completing a US$4.16 million c…

December 21, 2004  

STLE to bring 250 speakers to Las Vegas lubrication conference (December 21, 2004)

Las Vegas, NV — Join 1,500 tribology and lubrication professionals representing 50 industries from around the worl…

December 20, 2004  

PT sales to October see a jump from a year ago

Chicago, IL — Both manufacturers and distributors of power transmission equipment and components saw significant j…

December 17, 2004  

PTDA sets location for 4th annual Canadian Conference

Chicago, IL — The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) will hold its fourth annual Canadian Conferen…

December 16, 2004  

Momentum slowed in October for manufacturers

Ottawa, ON — Following eight months of sustained growth in 2004, manufacturing activity took a downturn in October…

December 15, 2004  

GE sells AC motor business to Regal-Beloit

Beloit, WI — Regal-Beloit Corp. has acquired General Electric Company’s commercial AC motor business. GE’s commerc…

December 14, 2004  

Drive manufacturer undertakes expansion

Uxbridge, ME — AC Technology is adding 94,000 more square feet to its existing 33,000 sq ft headquarters in Uxbrid…

December 13, 2004  

Productivity slumps in third quarter

Ottawa, ON — With the slowdown in economic activity and the continued rise in hours worked, Canadian business sect…

December 10, 2004  

Nord’s charity raffle nets cash for Alzheimer Society

Brampton, ON — Nord Gear’s annual VIP Golf Classic, held in September, featured a charity raffle with proceeds goi…

December 9, 2004  

Toyota Earth Day scholarships program seeks new applications

Toronto, ON — Fifteen scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded across Canada in five geographical regions by the Toy…

December 8, 2004  

Rockwell Automation Canada celebrates 50 years

Cambridge, ON — Rockwell Automation Canada (formerly Allen-Bradley Canada Ltd.) is celebrating its 50th anniversar…

December 7, 2004  

Price of manufactured goods down again while raw materials costs rise 28%

Ottawa, ON — Statistics Canada reports that prices for manufactured goods at the plant gate eased again in October…