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Gates holds employee rally for new industrial belt launch

Denver, CO -- Amid cheers of "No Competition, No Problem, No Contest and No Brainer," employees of Gates Power Tran...


October 21, 2004
By MRO Magazine

Denver, CO — Amid cheers of “No Competition, No Problem, No Contest and No Brainer,” employees of Gates Power Transmission division recently launched their newest product at a rally on the Denver headquarters campus.

The official launch of Gates Eliminator belt was emceed by John Bohenick, senior vice-president of Gates Power Transmission division, on the stage, and Justin Aschenbrenner, Gates vice-president of industrial power transmission business development, standing beside a mobile tree chipper machine.

In his remarks to the more than 150 employees assembled at the event, Bohenick said, “Today we’re introducing a new replacement belt that will penetrate a whole new market with Gates quality and performance. Gates Eliminator is a high-performance, polyurethane belt that replaces any belt with an RPP profile in RPP sprockets. There’s no need to change sprockets, tensioning or idlers. And, Eliminator will last a minimum of two times longer than any RPP belt it replaces.”

Then, to demonstrate the marketing theme of the new belt –“Eliminate the competition” — Aschenbrenner proceeded to feed four competitive belts into the chipper machine that spit out rubber fragments, to the delight of the cheering crowd.


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