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Award recognizes no critical injuries since plant opened 5 years ago

Guelph, ON -- The Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) has recognized Denso Manufacturing Canada Inc.

Health & Safety

October 15, 2004
By MRO Magazine

Guelph, ON — The Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) has recognized Denso Manufacturing Canada Inc. of Guelph, Ont., for operating with no lost time injuries since its opening five years ago and achieving the first award in a three-level health and safety awards program.

Tom Howarth of IAPA recognized the automotive component parts manufacturer for achieving Level I of IAPA’s Achievement Award and for operating without lost time injuries since the establishment of the Canadian operation.

IAPA’s three-level health and safety awards program, available to all of IAPA’s over 47,000 member companies, focuses on incorporating effective health and safety processes into an organization’s plan and management practices, and recognizes progressive achievement in the area.

Denso, an IAPA member company with close to 300 employees, was commended for its outstanding safety record, which exceeds the average in the industry, and for investing in the health and safety of its staff.
The company started its operations in Guelph in 1999 and is one of 12 in the province to receive the award to date.
To receive the Level I Achievement Award, the participating company must be an IAPA member firm and have zero critical injuries, fatalities, charges or convictions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or Workplace Safety and Insurance Act for the preceding 12 months, as well as a lost-time injury frequency rate lower than the average for companies within similar industries.


They are required to demonstrate that their prevention methods meet specific requirements, including how hazards are assessed and controlled; leadership; commitment and knowledge of health and safety at all levels in the organization. As well, they must meet all of the applicable requirements set out in a self-assessment report, and pass an on-site verification, conducted by an IAPA consultant, of the self-assessment report, to receive the Level I award. IAPA recently launched Levels II and III of the program, which build on the success of Level I.

“I offer our sincere congratulations to the leadership and staff of Denso Manufacturing Canada Inc. for the significant progress on their journey to health and safety excellence. It’s about integrating quality preventive processes into their overall management system, that will nurture and grow an effective and supportive health and safety culture,” said Maureen Shaw, president and CEO of IAPA..

Denso is the Canadian arm of the parent Japanese company, Denso Corporation, a supplier of automotive technology, systems and components for all of the world’s major automakers. It operates in 31 countries and has 89,000 employees.

Ken Nagao, president of Denso Manufacturing Canada, said the company “has always deemed safety as its number one priority and is committed to ensure the health and safety of its employees through creativity and positive thinking.

“We take measures to ensure that every duty within our operation is done in a safe manner at all times. The company also makes strong efforts to attain our safety goals through daily practices and group activities designed to heighten safety awareness.”