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ODG receives global traders award for export venture

New Hamburg, ON -- Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG) recently received the Ontario Exports Inc. Global Traders Award...


May 31, 2004
By MRO Magazine

New Hamburg, ON — Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG) recently received the Ontario Exports Inc. Global Traders Award of Merit for the southwest region.

The award recognizes the exporting success of outstanding Ontario companies for exporting excellence in five distinct categories: Innovation, Market Expansion, Partnership, Student Achievement and Leadership.

Ontario Exports Inc. is the export development agency of the province of Ontario. It is dedicated to helping Ontario companies export their products and services worldwide.

“I am pleased to accept this partnership award on behalf of ODG and its employees,” said ODG president Joerg Stieber. “This award recognizes our export success, and it reflects the quality of our products, which we are renowned for worldwide.”


ODG won the award for its joint venture with Crayford All-Terrain Vehicles of South Africa for developing a vehicle system to meet the challenging needs of South Africa’s Special Forces. The undertaking involves the co-manufacturing of the “Gecko,” a Rapid Deployment Logistical Vehicle. The system integrates ODG’s drive train components while Crayford, the lead contractor, provides local engineering, manufacturing and assembly for the project.

In the Gecko configuration, ODG’s Centaur 8×8 amphibious all-terrain vehicle was re-engineered to be parachuted by aircraft and extracted by helicopter.

ODG and Crayford won the Ontario Global Traders Awards award of merit in the “Partnership” category. Tom Polanic, product manager with ODG, accepted the award on behalf of Crayford All-Terrain Vehicles. The awards ceremony was held in Kitchener, Ont., on March 25, 2004.

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