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Toronto firm forms alliance to develop shock-dampening caster technology (May 03, 2004)

Toronto, ON -- Darcor Casters Inc. of Toronto, a supplier of ergonomic caster technology, and Barry Controls of Sur...

Toronto, ON — Darcor Casters Inc. of Toronto, a supplier of ergonomic caster technology, and Barry Controls of Surrey, England, a specialist in shock attenuation and vibration control, have formed a strategic alliance.

The arrangement “will equip us to deal effectively with all of the challenges related to shock and vibration through the development of world-class shock-dampening casters,” said Darcor vice-president Dan Carnegie.

Shock and vibration in the workplace are proven factors in premature equipment failure, poor performance and ergonomic problems resulting in personal strain and injury, the company stated. “Finding a consistent, effective and economical way to deal with these problems will save industry millions of dollars a year in replacement equipment, damage claims and workplace compensation, not to mention relief from human pain and suffering,” said Carnegie.

Darcor and Barry Controls, a member of the Hutchinson Group, which is headquartered in Paris, France, have had a business relationship over the past 12 years that has ranged from close co-operation in matters of technology to direct competition in certain market sectors.


“The successful strategic business alliance is always greater than the sum of its parts,” said Carnegie, who was named vice-president of Darcor, in March 2004. “It makes far more sense for us to draw on each other’s strengths rather than individually try to perfect the wheel, so to speak.”

Carnegie, who has a background in human resources in the public sector, had been senior manager, corporate development, and previously was retained as a consultant by Darcor to advise on corporate matters.

Under the terms of the alliance, Darcor assumes the responsibility for the manufacture and marketing of the finished product, while Barry Controls will provide some of the key components. To date, Barry has had no facilities in Canada, having served the local market from U.S. based sales offices.

Over the years Barry has produced a wide variety of mounts and racks for aerospace, avionics, military and industrial markets. In 2000 it was acquired by the Hutchinson Group, creating the largest engineering and manufacturing company in the world developing vibration, shock and structure-borne noise control products and avionics trays and racking systems for the aerospace, defence and industrial markets.

Darcor and Barry Controls have already turned their attention to the development of next-generation shock-dampening casters.